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Is semi-permanent make up a tattoo?

Yes, semi-permanent make up is a form of tattoo. Pigment is inserted into the top layers of skin but because it is in the superficial layers of the skin, over time if no additional treatment is applied the Ombré brow should fade.

Is there a chance of infection?

Health and safety is a huge priority. Maxine adhere’s to the strictest hygiene and infection control standards. Single use sterile, disposable needles are used for each client and opened in front of them.

Can I have Ombré brows if I have previously had Microblading?

You will need to contact Maxine for consultation. If suitable, ombré brows may be purchased. This applies to existing and new clients of Maxine Nichola Holland.

I had my brows Tattooed/Microbladed/Ombré’d elsewhere can I come to you?

You will need a full consultation review before going forwards to make sure your brows are suitable for the treatment. Each set of brows is reviewed on an individual case basis.

Can I use my 6 month/12 month top up for microblading for Ombré brows instead?

You will need to contact Maxine for consultation. If suitable, ombré brows may be purchased.

I’ve recently had my eyebrows Microbladed and I am waiting for my 6-8 week top up can I have Ombré brows then?

No. Microblading is a two stage process and a different treatment. This must have healed before your brows can be considered for ombré brows. A full consultation will be needed before going forward.

I am booked in to have my eyebrows Microbladed can I switch to ombré brows?

Yes! If you have not yet started the microblading process you can switch to ombré brows! Please contact me for consultation and don’t hesitate to ask any questions to help you make your decision. Please contact Maxine via [email protected] to change your booking.